Reasons why montag should have memorized ecclesiastes in ray bradburys fahrenheit 451

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What is the significance of The Book of Ecclesiastes in

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As we all know, Ray Bradbury, Author of Fahrenheitmade many predictions as to what this day and age would be like. He was right in many cases including speed, entertainment, and the mindlessness of people. He predicted that nobody would speak more than a couple of words at a time to a certain.

Montag's city is blown up by an atomic bomb at the end of Fahrenheit He meets up with a group of men who have memorized books in an effort to save them for some future time when they will be.

Did you find other instances in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit The Authorized Adaptation where ironic points were made about America's ideas of itself? If so, where? /5(12). Fahrenheit The lead character is a fireman named Montag who becomes disillusioned with the role of censoring works and destroying knowledge, eventually quitting his job and joining a resistance group who memorize and share the world's greatest literary and cultural works.

In Fahrenheitwhy does Montag decide to preserve books instead of burn them?

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Who or what inspired the characters of Clarisse and Mildred in "Fahrenheit " by Ray Bradbury? How was Clarisse's home life described in Fahrenheit ?

Fahrenheit 451

Why does Clarisse have no friends in "Fahrenheit "? Get an answer for 'In "Fahrenheit ", why does Bradbury have Montag memorize the book of Ecclesiastes and Revelation?' and find homework help for other Fahrenheit questions at eNotes.

Reasons why montag should have memorized ecclesiastes in ray bradburys fahrenheit 451
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What is the significance of The Book of Ecclesiastes in "Fahrenheit "? | eNotes