Ora-00439 feature not enabled materialized view re write anime

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ORA-00439: feature not enabled: Online Index build

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feature not enabled: Materialized view rewrite. Sep 11, ORA feature not enabled: Materialized view rewrite - "feature not enabled: %s" *Cause: The specified feature is not enabled. *Action: Do not attempt to use this feature.

XE :: ORA-00439 / Feature Not Enabled / Partitioning In 10g

*Cause: The specified feature is not enabled. Check the Materialized view rewrite option is enable or disable Select * from v$option where lower(parameter) like 'materialized%' PARAMETER VALUE. We can call any ORCALE program, but did not get sqlldr running from 9ias.

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Having the same program /JSP and java program) running in tomcat on the same machine / environment works fine! From 9ias we are not able to start sqlldr.

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return code is 4. See more: oracle query rewrite hint, ora feature not enabled: materialized view rewrite, what is query rewrite, alter materialized view enable query rewrite, grant query rewrite to username, how query rewrite works, query rewrite 12c, enable query rewrite insufficient privileges, php script read pop3 email message mysql database, save.

Jun 10,  · ORAfeature not enable m using 10g express edition and i have done all things. in archive log mode, flashback Author: Mohammed Taj.

Ora-00439 feature not enabled materialized view re write anime
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