Employer sponsored child care

The Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Child Care

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Employer-Supported Child Care Definition(s)

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The Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Child Care Benefits

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Meet KinderCare Education at Work

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Child Care & Early Education KinderCare Learning Centers Employer Sponsored Care KinderCare Education at Work. Search. Submit. Programs & Curriculum. Back. on the latest educational research and focuses on building the three critical abilities that have the most impact on a child’s future success: social-emotional skills, executive.

“At Intel, we believe that employer-sponsored child care is a win-win-win. It’s good for our employees and their children, who benefit from easily accessible, high-quality care.

Maintaining a population of skilled, productive workers is a continual challenge for employers. For working parents, their challenge is often related to sourcing convenient, quality child care solutions. Today, many employers are stepping into this work-life challenge and have begun offering child care benefits that support the work-life.

Employer-Sponsored Early Education Learn about our child care and back-up care solutions for employees.

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Employer-Sponsored Elder Care Learn about in-home back-up elder care and geriatric planning for the sandwich generation. Refers to a situation in which an employer, a group of employers, or a labor union takes some initiative in meeting employees' child care needs and.

The same article cites a study in the book “Kids at Work: The Value of Employer-Sponsored On-Site Child Care Centers” in which two large companies saved $, and $, in wages through.

Employer sponsored child care
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