Assessing foreign/second language writing ability

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Assessment is a burgeoning field in second language writing research and can be characterised as comprising three fundamental subfields. The first line of research focuses on the development of assessment instruments for various purposes and stakes, including proficiency and/or in.

Investigating the effects of strategy use and second language test performance with high- and low-ability test takers: A structural equation modeling approach.

Language Testing, 15, Rasch, G.

Entre mundos: An Integrated Approach for the Native Speaker, 2nd Edition

(). – This topic is significant as assessing foreign/second language writing skills is one of the most problematic areas in language testing.

It is made even more important because good writing ability is very much sought after by higher education institutions and employers.

In Foreign/Second Language Pedagogy Research: A Commemorative Volume for Claus Faerch, “ Language Proficiency, Writing Ability, Chris had a tendency to rely more heavily on summative marks and teacher feedback in assessing the effectiveness of his strategy use.

This highlights the importance of building in opportunities for students. Unique in its approach to the development of the four language skills—listening, speaking, reading, writing, the book offers students the opportunity to practice vocabulary and grammar consistently integrated with the content of the readings.

Lia Plakans is Assistant Professor of Foreign Language and ESL Education in the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin. Her specialization is language assessment and second language reading and writing.

Assessing foreign/second language writing ability
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